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We are joined by unblemished reputation of a company,  

by desire for helping each other and by working in one team.  

Conducting our business in different ways, we tend  

to turn our variety into competitive advantage.

Year :

What has been done:


 The preparation for Tomsk high education institutes was started, the first entrance

examinations at Tomsk polytechnic institute were carried out .


Silver medal of All-Union Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy  for range of

works of student design bureau of Taldykorgan  pedagogical institute was received.


The work of the first Computer centre in Taldykorgan was organized .


  A Ph.D. thesis was defended.


The contract of cooperation in educational sphere between

Tomsk, Russia and Taldykorgan region, Kazakhstan was initiated and signed .


Teaching English for the first students,  in cooperation with

the USA Peace Corps volunteers, was started.


The first private Business Centre in Kazakhstan with the main purpose

of helping first-time entrepreneurs was opened.


The project of assistance to the farmers of the region together with

Charity Corps-“Harvest-95” was started.


Two-month study course on SABIT program was taken,

first business-training activities for companies were organized.


Development of adventure tourism  in Taldykorgan region

in cooperation with the International Corps of Experts  was started.


The first session of Boomerang summer camp

 with “English in Nature” program was held.


The seminar of trainees on the SABIT program for developing small business

 together with the Commercial Department of the USA Embassy was carried out.



The land property in area 2 ha for summer holidays organization on the canyon of

Balykty river was bought. The first team training for the staff

of “Central credit” bank was carried out.


Two-month study course on the Good Governance Training

on Business Ethics program of the USA Commerce Department was passed.

Trainer’s  certificate  of Business  Ethics and Good Governance was received .


“Training Centre Boomerang” Ltd,

which joined all educational projects and programs, was organized .


Licence for leading out-of school educational activity was obtained.

Travelling business seminar for staff of  TekhCentre” company and

the team training  for the staff of “Unicomers” company were carried out.


Participation in program of small and medium enterprise development

of MASHAV Center of International Cooperation of Ministry

of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel was taken.


Monthly business trip through the training centers of Great Britain

 for the purpose of further business development

and for giving  new educational service for clients was organized.


A dealer centre of “Interpress” company on selling foreign literature was organized. Participation in the USAID project of small business development 

in Kazakhstan was taken.


Web site of summer camp program was designed and published www.summercamp.kz            A business seminar on food additive marketing for the staff of Vito Zlak company was held.



“Modern models of management, leadership” training  for the staff

of Almaty branch  of  “Telekom” company was held. 458 students of our company

got certificates of English language training program.