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In 1997 in cooperation with International Executive  
Service Corps
and with the assistance of Ernest Enslow  
- a specialist in adventure
tourism we designed  
“English in Nature” program, which gathers
from all over Kazakhstan and near abroad.  
    Summer camp
    Spend summer with benefit!


is designed for two-week participant’s staying. It develops English speaking skills, ability to demonstrate leader’s quality. It spreads cultural and interethnic links, also promotes the developing of communicative skills, trains participants to follow a healthy lifestyle.


of the program - are citizens of any countries aged from 10 to 20  with the level of English language from Elementary to Advanced, who love English language and nature, and are not afraid to overcome difficulties,  long for independence and self-perfection.


All participants of the program are provided with modern tents with built –in beds designed for 4 people. There is a stadium, a swimming pool with running water, showers, yurts for conducting lessons in the territory of the camp. There are also systems of water and power supplies.


Yurts and tents camp, which is intended for 25 – 30 participants of the program, is situated in the most picturesque canyon of  Dzungarsky Alatau near Balikty river at 65 kilometers away from Taldykorgan City.

In the morning English-speaking teachers from different countries introduce participants to cultures and customs of their countries, sharing with their experience and enriching the program.

The work is secured by staff, which consists of instructors, a cook, camp chief, security and medical instructors. Volunteers are native-English  speakers.


The camp is located in the safe mud flow region, on the height of 1100 meters above sea level at 5 kilometers away from the Kok-Tobe village. You can get to the camp only by the 4WD jeep.

The second half of the day has its own “fun of the fair”: rock-climbing, sport games, treasure hunt, Neptune’s day, hiking, competitions – there is a lot to offer by the program organizers.

Schedule in the camp is strictly regulated: getting up, morning exercise, camp line, English classes, lunch, self-preparation, sport, tea time, the show of the day, dinner, free time, fire or disco and bed time.