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We have begun teaching English language  since 1993.  

During this  time the company has successfully  

introduced the international quality standards,  

has got the licence for conducting educational activity,  

and has created material and educational resources.

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5-11 years old


12-16 years old


from 17 years and older


Lessons with kids are conducted by Family and Friends program. The program helps children aged from 5-11 to learn the basics of English language in playing form by singing songs and learning poems, coloring pictures, watching films and cartoons in English. The process of studying is a fascinating "travel" with the main heroes of the book: Rosy, Tim and Billy. The program includes Student’s book to work in class and Work Book with a disk to do homework.

Lessons for teenagers are conducted by Solutions program. The program is intended for teenagers from 12-16 years and helps to learn English language from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate level. Dynamical and interesting program which is aimed at progress of all communicative skills. It consists of interesting facts of history and country studies of English-speaking countries. The program contains  additional material which helps to enlarge vocabulary and develop writing skills. There is a Student`s book to work in a class and Work book with a disc to do homework.

For adults aged from 17 and older, lessons conducted by New English File program. The modern textbook  is oriented to older audience, who want to learn colloquial English in short time. Each unit of the textbook contains tasks for developing writing, speaking, reading and listening  skills. The program also includes a video course which shows practical usage of lexical and grammatical material. The oral part of final exam is  held with participation of English native speaker.