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We do not work in the market of the goods and service,  

we work in the market of satisfaction of needs.    

We do not teach to make the business properly,  

we help to make proper business.  

 Business trainings
       Future in present

Modern models of management

and leadership

 Business ethics and Good Governance

 “How to win the client”
by Murray Ruffle

The modern leader is not obliged to have leadership qualities. All abilities can be developed. The main is introspection which helps you to determine the area of the self – improvement. Which leading abilities do you possess now? How do use it to become a successful manager?

Ethics is the main rules of how we treat others, our expectations and agreements which determine the way we cooperate with others. We imply clients, providers, government, society, but mainly each other. We can teach how to make correct expectations and agreements.

Decision to purchase or not is made during the first eight seconds of being in your office. Selling to a new client is 10 times more expensive than selling to established customer. The satisfied client will tell about that to 5 people, but unsatisfied up to 25. Through the examples the work with Potential customers, Visitors, Clients, and Adherents of the company was studied.