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Boomerang Training Centre

* We have been teaching English since 1993;  
* We currently have 382 students;
* We have seven certified teachers from the Cambridge English Language
Assessment Centre;
* We are a preparation and testing centre
for Cambridge examinations;
* We use Oxford University Press English programmes;
* We have an educational license and registered trademark;
* We have our own multimedia classrooms.


Amazing team

We select our staff based on teaching competence and professionalism, whilst adhering to national guidelines for the work place regarding religion, gender and age. In addition, each staff member has an opportunity of continuing professional development. 

Valeriy Lazurin

Director, PhD

Assem Seisembekova

Deputy Director,
Certified Senior English Teacher
(TKT Modules 1,2,3) 

Aizhan Maimysheva


Irina Kisseryadova

Certified English Teacher 
(TKT Modules 1,3)

Anastassiya Petrova

Certified English Teacher
(TKT Modules 1)

Shynar Abilbekova

Certified English Teacher
(TKT Modules 1)

Aizhan Nurakhmetova

Certified English Teacher
(TKT Modules 1,3)

Anar Zhantursynova

Certified English Teacher
(TKT Module 1)

Educational programmes

We have Oxford University Press language course books available for each individual student to use, depending on their age and English competency level.
The duration of the English course for the first level is one academic year.

Frequently asked questions:

As a rule, classes begin on 1st September and finish with the final exams and certificate awards being on 31st May. Lessons are conducted twice a week for regular classes with an extra class provided for students who are undertaking the Cambridge English KET exam. There are double lessons with each English class divided into two lessons of 45 minutes duration.

Boomerang Training Centre provide four teaching periods daily irrespective of normal school timings as follows:

1st class: 08.40-10.15
2nd  class:10.25-12.00
3rd  class: 14.40-16.15
4th  class: 16.25-18.00 

Payment for an English course depends upon the chosen study programme, the competency level and the number of classes attended. Accordingly, this can vary from 500 to 800 tenge for each academic training hour.
Tuition fees are calculated by the number of lessons a student attends per month at the training centre as indicated by an invoice. There is no allowance for advance payment of tuition.

Boomerang Training Centre offers a variety of discounts that are both motivating and cost saving, for example:
* Each student receives fake pennies and pounds for completing tasks during each class which are then tallied and converted into real money at the end of the year. This accrued money can then be used to supplement the costs for another year of English language tuition. *Parents with two or more children will receive a 10% monthly discount for each child.
*Monthly payments are reduced by 10%, unless a student misses every lesson during the month.  

Our English classes are taught by qualified teachers who possess TKT certificates, i.e. Teaching Knowledge Test. All classrooms are designed to accommodate 12 students and are equipped with multimedia teaching aids and cameras. These cameras record the teaching activity which is monitored by administration to ensure quality control. In addition, these recordings also serve as feedback for monthly staff seminars.

One can be assured that our teaching staff are highly qualified and undertake regular professional development. In addition, students are continuously assessed throughout the length of the English course, for example:
- There is monthly assessment of each student which is recorded by administration, as well as a student’s attendance.
- There is an English exam at the end of the school year. All results of the four English macro skills are summarized on a certificate.
- After adequate preparation (N.B. not less than three years of English tuition) a student will be able to take the KET exam, i.e. Key English Test. According to the international language level of ability established by the European Council, the KET certificate corresponds to the level A2, i.e. Pre-Intermediate.  


It is easy to register for one of our courses. All you need to do is to complete the form on the right and click on the button “Submit”.

The manager of Boomerang Training Centre will contact you during the day and discuss the English course and timings for your child and answer any other questions.