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Teaching in groups and individually, 2 times a week in pairs (2x45 min) from 8.40 to 16.25,
Sunday is the day off. 

Boomerang Training Centre

• We have been teaching English since 1993;
• more than 300 people attend our courses annually;
• All our teachers have CertTESOL and TKT Cambridge English Language Assessment certificates;
• We have been coaching our students for KET, PET and FCE since 2017.
• In teaching process we use teaching programs of «Oxford University Press" and “Pearson" Publishing Houses;
• Our company has educational license and registered trademark;
• We have own multimedia classrooms and high speeded Internet.


Amazing team

We select our staff members on the basis of equality, competence and professionalism. We don’t encroach on their rights and do not bully for national, sex and age differences. Every staff member has an opportunity to raise his qualification, necessary conditions for work and fair payment for job.

Assem Seisembekova

Manager of educational programs,  Senior teacher, Trinity CertTESOL

Valeriy Lazurin, PhD

Owner, Director,
Business trainer

Madina Zinatullina

English Teacher,
Сambridge English Language Assessment (TKT)

Nazgul Zhainarbayeva

English Teacher,
Сambridge English Language Assessment (TKT)

Mukhamejan Kaipov

English Teacher,
Сambridge English Language Assessment (TKT)

Elmira Saifullina

Customer service manager

Teaching programs

In our work we use teaching programs of “Oxford University Press” and "Pearson" Publishing Houses, which are selected individually for each student in dependence to his age and level of English. It takes 1 academic year to complete one level of the program. 

age 7-8 years

age 8-9 years

age 9-12 years

age 12-15 years


Key English Test

For students 11-14 years

A2 Key (Basic level of English proficiency), is also known as Key English Test (KET) , it is a qualification of basic level and it confirms your ability to communicate in English in simple routine situations.

KET is the first exam from the General English series, which determines the knowledge of English in simple everyday situations. Exam contains of 3 parts:

«Reading and Writing» (1 hour 10 minutes, to read information from newspapers or magazines in English and to do several types of tasks),

«Listening» (30 minutes, to listen to the recordings of advertisements and monologues in slower delivery and to answer several questions)

«Speaking» (8-10 minutes, pair conversation (with partner) with two examiners, one of whom talks with you and another takes notes and evaluates your ability). 

Frequently asked questions:

Generally, courses start on 1 September and end on 31 May with final exam. Frequency of classes – 2 times a week for ordinary programs and 1 additional lesson for students who are going to pass KET (Gold Experience A2 program). One class include two 45-minute lessons.

We set our lesson schedule in accordance with our students’ school timetables.
1 class: 08.40 - 10.15
2 class: 10.25 - 12.00
3 class: 14.40 - 16.15
4 class: 16.25 - 18.00  

The cost of the course depends on program, level and attendance and it varies from 800 to 1500 tenge per 1 academic hour. Payment shall be made for attended lessons in current month de facto in accordance with receipt. 

Our company has a whole system which motivates our students to learn English as follows:
• Every lesson students receive in-game pences and pounds for completed tasks. In the end of the year pences and pounds are summarized and converted into real money, which they can use to pay for the courses in the coming year.
• Parents who pay for two or more children have 10% discount for each child every month.
• Monthly payment can be reduced for 10% if the student attended all lessons held in current month.  

Our lessons are provided by teachers who successfully passed TKT and confirmed their professional knowledge of English. Our classrooms are designed for 12 people. They are completely equipped with multimedia teaching tools and video cameras. So all lessons are recorded and controlled by administration. All recorded lessons are discussed on the monthly held seminars.

Quality of teaching and its result consists of teacher’s talent and student’s diligence. Monitoring of quality of teaching contains several steps:
- there is a monthly certification of students in our centre, and its results (academic performance and attendance) are reflected in receipt;
- Annually, after completion of courses, students pass final certification and its results (for 4 main skills) are shown in the certificate;
- if the student has sufficient preparation (not less than 3 years) he can try to pass KET (Key English Test). In accordance with international scale of levels set by European Council KET certificate corresponds to A2 level.  

Enroll in courses:

You can apply for the course easily. Just fill in the form and click “Send”.

Our manager will contact you within one working day, he will inform you about schedule and answer all your questions. 

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