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Boomerang Training Centre

Our story of success


Our beginning

We started teaching English with the first volunteers from the USA Peace Corps in Kazakhstan. Six Peace Corps volunteers participated in our joint programs and projects for several years. 


“SABIT” Programme

The first overseas training was held in the USA, where for two months we visited 46 companies in 11 states gaining local and international business experience.


Boomerang Summer Camp

With the help of about 100 volunteers from nine English speaking countries the Boomerang Training Centre in conjunction with the International Executive Service Corps participated in an innovative project called ‘English in Nature’. This project was conducted from 1998 to 2013.


Washington, DC, USA

Attended a two-month training course on business ethics and good government which provided us with the knowledge and practical skills of doing business in an ever changing and dynamic world. This training course was organized by the US Department of Commerce.



As part of the company’s growth and evolution several other projects were incorporated under the business banner of Boomerang Training Centre including many educational programmes such as, English courses, pre-higher-education training for pupils, the summer educational programme “English in Nature”, business training courses and seminars. 


State license

Licensed to engage in educational activity № 0013475 from 25 October 2005 for an unlimited duration. 



Participated in a month-long development programme for small and medium-sized enterprises with the goal of establishing international cooperation with future business prospects in Kazakhstan.



Completed our first business trip to an English-speaking country with a view of exploring the opportunities and possibilities of co-operation.


Trade mark

This certificate was issued for registration as a trademark, № 8813 on July 27, 2012.
It covers all the territories of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  


Teaching Knowledge Test 

Our teaching staff received Cambridge English certificates, confirming and acknowledging the qualifications of English teachers at Boomerang Training Centre.


Cambridge English 

Signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the English language exams representative from the Cambridge English Language Assessment Centre.

17 March 2018

Key English Test 

First 13 students at the Boomerang Training Centre Boomerang passed the Key English Test (KET) Cambridge exam.